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What is Spot 'n' Jot?
What is Spot 'n' Jot?

Spot 'n' Jot is a four-sided card that helps birdwatchers record sightings, save information and save memories. Birders use Spot 'n' Jot field logs to jot notes, names and the number of birds observed on outings. One card, from a shrink-wrapped package of ten, provides space for all relevant field information. Comprehensive and easy-to-use, you can record sighting information quickly and efficiently. Return to the cards later as a reference when making database submissions or simply to recall, in detail, some of your fondest experiences in nature.

Spot 'n' Jot saves information and saves memories!

Spot 'n' Jot helps you...
· Record bird names
· Track number of birds seen
· Enter notes and observations
· Note date, location, companions and weather
· Create an organized reference

Use Spot 'n' Jot for…
· Field trips
· Festivals
· Bird-A-Thons
· Worldwide travel
· Database entry
· Gifts

Each 4” x 5.5” card is constructed of durable, heavy-grade card stock and stashes easily in your pocket, birding bag or backpack. Spot 'n' Jot birder's field log provides space for your notes on behavior, feeding, nesting, voice description, field marks and other observations.