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About Spot 'n' Jot
Who is Spot 'n' Jot?

Spot 'n' Jot is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2002 by Linda Grant. An avid birder and naturalist, Linda has visited many parks, preserves and other habitats in the Bay Area and throughout the United States. To learn more about Linda and the inspiration behind Spot 'n' Jot, read "A Letter from Linda".

Spot 'n' Jot is a sponsor of the annual elementary school bird-calling contest hosted by San Francisco Nature Education, a non-profit organization providing environmental education programs and field trips for children, focusing on birds and their habitats.

Spot 'n' Jot has received new product approval by Wild Bird Centers of America, a nationwide retail franchise carrying a complete line of quality birding products.




A letter from Linda

"I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more"

—John Burroughs (1837-1921) American naturalist & writer

Hello. I'm Linda Grant, avid birder and creator of the Spot 'n' Jot field log. Thanks for visiting our website and for your interest in Spot 'n' Jot.

I first started birdwatching as a college student. Who could have guessed that a natural science class would foster what has become my life-long passion. Since then, I have tracked birds in countless parks, preserves, gardens and other habitats across the country.

My idea for the field log basically grew out of my own quest to find a tool that could help me capture birding observations quickly and accurately. Formerly, I used a spiral notebook to record bird names but I also wanted to know how many species I saw as I tracked them. I couldn't find a product that would help me take a more organized approach to birding (something I could take with me out into the field.) Many times I would look back at my notes and discover I had missed some detail. More importantly, valuable memories were inadvertently lost. A friend suggested I create a new product. And so the idea for Spot 'n' Jot was born.

Now I take a Spot 'n' Jot card with me every time I head out into nature. They prompt me to jot down details I might otherwise forget—like the date, location, companions and weather conditions. With everything organized and numbered, I find it infinitely easier to track and record my sightings. And my memories are preserved.

In addition to founding Spot 'n' Jot, it's very important for me to give back to my local community. I have been a volunteer for the California Academy of Sciences and a participant in Golden Gate Audubon's San Francisco Christmas Bird Count. Over the years, I have been a fundraiser for the PRBO (Point Reyes Bird Observatory) Conservation Science annual Bird-A-Thon, raising a total of $17,000 for Educational Outreach, Songbirds, and Farallon Islands conservation programs.

Last year Spot 'n' Jot was pleased to become a sponsor of the annual bird-calling contest coordinated by San Francisco Nature Education, a non-profit organization providing environmental educational programs and field trips for local kids. Children from three San Francisco elementary schools twittered, whooped and warbled their hearts' out. What a "hoot" it was!

I encourage other birders to try Spot 'n' Jot for themselves. Have feedback or suggestions? Please contact us. Investigate our library of birding links and stay posted on the latest Spot 'n' Jot activities by visiting our "To Crow About" page.

Linda Grant

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